Friday, July 24, 2009

New class ahoy!

My favourite time of year - a new online class at! Shimelle's classes are always highly enjoyable, and this one looks like no exception. It's all about taking the stress out of scrapbooking, and this definitely rings true for me. Go take a look at her blog, if you haven't been there already (though I'm guessing most of my readers probably know me from that site anyway, so I'm preaching to the converted as it were!).

Still, worth a pop, and at about £15 (depending on exchange rate) well worth it in comparison to some of the more expensive classes around at the mo. Maybe see you in there?


SarahLP said...

I'm trying hard to resist this one, even though it looks fab! But I'm away for two weeks over Aug so i'd never keep up. DEF going to do a class in sept though!

Sarah said...

Ah, Sarah, the point is that it's NO STRESS. So it doesn't matter if you are away for two weeks, you'll catch up eventually! It's not an assignment, so there's no deadline. I've got classes from Shimelle waiting on my desktop from MONTHS ago, and I'm not going to get a chance to do them til next year! (shh don't tell the OH)

debs14 said...

I've been undecided about this one, but with 6 glorious work free weeks to fill, it may be good to learn some new techniques and get more inspiration. From what she says on her webpage, I guess I will need to stock up on more printer ink!

Pam said...

Ah-style-an interesting notion-I've been scrapping for 4 years now-and I don't think I have a distinctive style at all-which is great cause I have a low boredom threshold!! Great LOs BTW-llove the SI blog one particularly