Sunday, June 28, 2009

How long since?

Blimey. I think this is the longest gap between posts in my blog's short history! Suffice to say, I've been busy doing worky-type stuff with the people at my placement (see last post), gardening, woodwork and general vocational fun. Current project involves helping the trainees all make a personalised clock out of wood and printed images. All good!

So, in my little craft world, I've been watching Shimelle's Month of Colour which is rapidly nearing its end. The challenges have come thick and fast, and I've been biding my time and thinking which ones to attempt, mainly because I have very little spare time at the moment. I had a go at Kirsty Neale's guest spot challenge last night, after being inspired by her pants (that is not as dodgy as it sounds, I promise. Check out her guest post here, and you'll see some fabulous customised vest/pyjama pants sets). So here is my card, inspired by the fab colour/graphic combo on one of her creations.

I'm definitely not a pink/green girl, but I think this looks pretty funky. I reckon I'm also going to have to get myself a few square envelopes, as this may well be my choice of shape for cards in future.

Another little project I've been working on is these little menu magnets for my fridge. Every week, I make a list of what food to cook, in order to reduce waste and to keep me sane! It usually ends up on a tatty bit of paper stuck to the fridge, and then in the bin at the end of the week.

I thought I could make a set of reuseable labels, and got these natty little magnets to hold them. I had some resin vegetables that I'd been saving for a recipe book project, but I thought they'd look good on this instead. The lettering is some plain American Crafts Thickers in chipboard, and I haven't yet decided whether to paint them. I might just matt varnish them instead... whaddya reckon?

(For those that are in the know, I'm now aware that canneloni actually two 'l's. And I'm still trying to get another two magnets for Fri and Sat - wish me luck, as I bought them over a year ago)

Lastly, my blog-buddy Trees has reached the grand total of 100 posts on her creative blog, and is giving away a generous bundle of gorgeous goodies. She's firmly convinced that only 3 people read her blog, and it's most definitely a shame if this is the case. Feel free to cruise by her blog here and leave your mark. Though if anyone else except me wins, I shall hunt them down and nick the bundle off them ;)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

More twitter posts scrapped

So, what have I been doing with myself the last week or so? I've been busy playing with some fabric and ribbons, and recovering a cheap looking journal ready for my work placement next week.

I'm off to spend 6 months working part-time with adults with learning disabilities in a local vocational rehabilitation-type place. I'm so excited, they do some arty-crafty type stuff, as well as running a cafe and garden centre there. I'm hoping that my meagre ideas will also play a part in helping them to become self-funding. I have to say, I've found a lot of inspiration for stuff on this blog - It's a Creative World. There're a lot of regular contributors, and the variety of posts is fantastic.

Besides that, I've been adding to my Cathy Zielske album, as seen below.

Some of the images are stock ones, free from here, others I've replaced with patterned paper.

I didn't have any appropriate pictures in my "library", and I have too many other things to do to be setting up photo shoots for this little album.

For future reincanations of this idea, I might actually take an appropriately linked snap at the same time.

In a completely unrelated post, I got a lovely FREE box of nibbly goodies through the post today, courtesy of I have also got a code for anyone else to get their first box free and the second box half price - YT6XNN7 is said promo code if you fancy trying it out. I intend to cancel after my second box, but in the meantime, I'm loving the gorgeous fresh pineapple, milkshake mix and cashews I got this morning. Not only that, the sturdy card box it came is is the perfect size for either converting into a mini album, or perhaps for posting delicate birthday card type things - double bargain!

I'm definitely becoming more adventurous in my creativity, I'm hoping I'll be brave enough to post some more stuff here soon :)