Sunday, April 22, 2012

More scrapping? Oh yes.

This is the last scrap post for a few days - I've not run out of steam, mojo or stash, but I must get on and finish some other projects that are piling up on my hypothetical worktable! It's yet another response to Shimelle's online crop challenges, this time, number 5 - to take inspiration from this layout by Wilna Furstenburg. I love the picture on this layout, expecially because it's black and white. I'm also fond of the bird on a wire detail across the top of the picture - I'm guessing it's tape of some description. I want it though!

My version uses two photos instead of the one panoramic photo.

I've not completely finished yet, I think I'll probably add a few more little bits and bobs here and there, it's a bit too clean and clear for me! I'm still enoying making my own embellishments, though I have used a lovely bit of ribbon (twill?) I got free with MollieMakes magazine a few months ago. (which if you haven't seen, you really must. It's stunningly lovely crafty eyecandy).

Right, I shall love you and leave you. I'm off to try to do a big chunk of cross-stitch as a favour to my "mother in law". Have fun, folks!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Something bold, something new...

Hey up! It's yet another layout inspired by Shimelle's online crops and challenges from last weekend - the fun is still running til this Sunday, if you fancy joining in.The challenge is number 10 in a series of 17, I think, and it involves scrapping two photos on a bold background. I have been saving this paper for a special project, you know, one of those pieces of paper that you can't use because it's just too pretty? Well, this is one of those sheets of paper. I thought that scrapping last Mothers' Day with my two darling daughters was finally a special enough project.

I've also used some printable notecards that I swear I got from Kirsty Neale's awesomely inspiring blog, but I can't find the link for the life of me (I downloaded them about 3 years ago, so that could be the problem!). ETA: Apparently, they're not Kirsty's, so if anyone knows who's they are, please give me a shout and I'll link appropriately! There are actually 5 coloured circles, but the turquoise and green ones didn't go with the colour scheme, so they have been cunningly covered up by skillful placement of stuff.

 It documents the pictures that were taken in our local cafe. I very rarely am on the other side of the camera, so photos of me are rare. Not only that, but getting three people to look at the camera and smile at the same time, particularly when two of those people are wriggly children, is darn near impossible! Hence the title - "2 out of 3 is not bad".

It also uses my new Martha Stewart butterfly punch, and my favourite pearls, of which I am running low - time for shopping!

And a little cluster of journalling spots, and there we have it! Job's a good 'un, as they say.

Just how many pieces of special paper are you hoarding?  Go on, make something, I dare you!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shimelle Challenge 6 - from one to another

This is the sixth challenge in Shimelle's weekend-long online crop, and the third one I've managed to complete thus far. Which is not surprising, given that I have two children under five and a 4 bed house to upkeep solo (yes Trees, we finally got that extension - though if you're reading this, where are you?)!

Anyhoo, back to the scrap. The challenge was to scraplift a layout we liked, either one of our own or someone else's, but, we had to change one major thing. I chose this layout from mrsski07 on TwoPeas, and I decided to make it with darker colours. I've clearly been inspired by the red and yellow from the last layout, because I've used them again!

My favourite part of this layout? Apart from the very cute subject? It's the treasure chest that I adapted and enhanced from a card topper. I'm hoping it's not too twee - honest opinions accepted where offered!

So three challenges down, umpteen still to go. I don't expect I'll manage to do them all, but I shall do my darndest. Hope you're enjoying playing along!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Shimelle challenge number 4

Amazingly I have managed to complete another layout for Shimelle's online crop this weekend. Not only this, but it uses two of my least-used colours, mainly because I can't wear them, so don't automatically pick them to scrap with.

It's the fourth challenge of the crop, but it also fulfils another challenge, number two. Challenge 2 is to use three papers from different manufacturers. The three papers used here [are very old, and] come from Sassafras "life is Beautiful", Fancy Pants "Celebrate", and Tinkering Ink "Botanical Bliss" ranges. All were released before this current decade began, so it's nice to finally get some use out of it.

Challenge number 4 is to use grey, yellow and one other colour of my choice. This is the hard one for me, since I rarely use yellow. I do have it in my collection though, and managed to dig out some photos with yellow on too. The only grey paper/card I possess is some A4 sheets from my 1990s cardmaking stash (yes, I have already admitted I'm a hoarder!), but I think that this size worked well with the small photos. The photos also decided the other colour for me - had to be red to go with my DD's coat.

I also got the chance to try out bunting finally. I've had desires to do a LO with bunting on, and I like it, a lot. I can see me and bunting becoming good friends! I also got to use some baker's twine, which I got with a Folksy purchase recently, so I've clearly redeemed myself and come bang up to date with that. I'm enjoying browsing everyone's layouts, and am looking forward to more challenges too. Please let me know if you're playing along...

Friday, April 13, 2012

Back from the dark!

Well hello! I hope you're all fine and dandy, and that your lives have been treating you well.

It's been (shhh) since I was last here, and far too much has gone on for me to fit it into a quick post. Suffice to say, I have a craft room now, and so am finally back to scrapbooking after almost two years off. Two! So I decided a really good start would be to join in with Shimelle's online scrapbook crop this weekend, and see if the mojo has left or has just been hiding under a rock, out of sight.

Here's the first challenge, to scraplift or take inspiration from a totally gorgeous layout by Jaime Warren. And here's my take on it. I don't usually use green and pink, which is probably why these journal cards from Prima have sat around for about 3 years. I am a definite convert though.

Doing this has really re-ignited my love for paper-scrapping, reminding me why I enjoy it so much. It's all the teeny tiny details, that you wouldn't notice at first glance. Like the fact that the teeny tiny leaves have been creased where the middle vein would be (and how that teeny heart above has actually moved down by an inch in the finished layout - shh).

And the way that you can link things in threes, like the hearts, and the three areas of embellishments. Oh, and the pretty pictures of course!

Let me know if you're joining in, though I'll probably find you through the links on Shimelle's posts, if you've shared there! Looking forward to seeing what you all have been up to...