Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shimelle Challenge 6 - from one to another

This is the sixth challenge in Shimelle's weekend-long online crop, and the third one I've managed to complete thus far. Which is not surprising, given that I have two children under five and a 4 bed house to upkeep solo (yes Trees, we finally got that extension - though if you're reading this, where are you?)!

Anyhoo, back to the scrap. The challenge was to scraplift a layout we liked, either one of our own or someone else's, but, we had to change one major thing. I chose this layout from mrsski07 on TwoPeas, and I decided to make it with darker colours. I've clearly been inspired by the red and yellow from the last layout, because I've used them again!

My favourite part of this layout? Apart from the very cute subject? It's the treasure chest that I adapted and enhanced from a card topper. I'm hoping it's not too twee - honest opinions accepted where offered!

So three challenges down, umpteen still to go. I don't expect I'll manage to do them all, but I shall do my darndest. Hope you're enjoying playing along!


Relly said...
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Relly said...

I think the treasure chest is adorable! Just like the pictures!


smarty glitterati said...

You have been busy! That's fab - I love scrapping in darker colours & they really suit your girl's colouring. And the treasure chest fits perfectly x

Cynthia said...

Cuuute photos!! Love the colors and the layout. Well done!