Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Challenges galore!

Under extreme duress from Janice, I am posting again this month! Personally I think that she is desperate for me to reach my 100th blog post, so that I'll have another giveaway.

Anyhoo. Back to the challenges. Shimelle has just posted a photography challenge involving water on her blog here. I had a go, and pulled a rather fetching little snippet (snappet?) out of the vaults. So, strictly speaking, it's an old photo, but it fulfills the brief quite nicely I feel. I pumped up the contrast to really highlight the flowing white water.

Not only that, but Julie Kirk and Kirsty Neale have set a delightful challenge on their joint blog Copy and Paste. It involves secrets. Now, I am AMAZING at keeping secrets. The feeling when you realise that someone trusts you enough to tell you what weighs heavy on their mind -my mind boggles with the honour. Consequently, I don't much like gossip, which is surely a good thing for a secret-keeper? Despite that, I'll happily share one in the name of creativity.

Font by me, photo mask by Rhonna Farrer.

It's probably a very common feeling for many women, we probably don't give ourselves enough credit for the things we do in our home life and work life. I desperately tried to think of a lovely juicy giggly secret to share with you all, and perhaps this one will open the floodgates to a whole host of them. Watch this space!

So go on, tell me a secret. I promise I won't tell a soul. x


Carmen said...

Blimey how quick are you? I only just spotted the challenge on Copy & Paste :)

Good secret and yes, I can totally empathise. I haven't decided on my secret for the challenge yet - so many which to choose!

Janice xxxx said...

sigh, you've blogged. Am most happy now ha ha. that's one scary photo btw. Know exactly what you mean about being a Mum - shit-scary if you ask me - no manual, no right way, no idea if you've ballsed it up big style unti they hit their 30's.... everything going for it really....(?!) sure you do just fine bird. x
(can't be as shit as me that's for sure....)

Julie said...

It certainly does still count - you can contribute digitally any time - your card is great, [have left a comment on your Flickr].

Thank you for sharing it with us :)

debs14 said...

Have you heard of a book called Postsecret by Frank Warren? He asked people to anonymously send him a postcard with a secret on it that they had never told anyone. He turned the responses into a book and it's so interesting. Some are shocking, some are funny and some are sad but it makes you realise that everyone you meet has a story to tell ...!!!

Trees said...

Love your photo. Mmm, secrets may have to psyche myself up about that one!
A friend at work admired your bag today, I use it every day :)