Saturday, July 4, 2009

Look what I found on my macro setting!

That title isn't strictly true. I'd found them before I got the camera out, but it gave me a chance to play around with the macro setting, which I have only just discovered after owning the camera for well over a year. Manual? Me? Pah. I laugh in the face of such sensibilities.
Though perhaps I should read it, 'cause I'm fairly sure I managed accidentally to get a picture with actual BOKEH on it:

and if I'd realised that was possible with my cheapish digicamera, I might have planned the snap better. Still, I'll include a prettier one of the DD, just in the vain hope of prompting some "aw, she's cute after all" type comments.

SO back to the caterpillars. They're apparently Gooseberry Sawfly, and I seem to remember it happening last year, with me just thinking it was slugs/snails. It also explains why I've had no fruit this year - apparently it knackers my chances of getting fruit next year. There were loads of the little blighters, and if I'd have realised what they were, I'd have squished them, instead of putting them gently in the grass a long way off, thinking "Ah, don't kill the potential butterflies". At least now I know what to look for, so roll on 2011, I might actually get some gooseberries.


Anna said...

Hello! I popped by here just the other day to say thank you for visiting (and leaving a comment on) my blog ... but then got distracted by Kirsty Neale's pants and went off on a tangent! :D
Thank you for visitng my blog. Love your photos.Your DD looks ever so cute :)
Shame about the gooseberry bush ....

debs14 said...

I see pink is still the colour of choice!
Shame about the caterpillers not being the kind that evolve into beautiful butterflies, maybe instead of killing them you could gather them up and find someone else's gooseberry bush to put them on ;-)

Trees said...

Aw, super cute little one!

Love playing with close-ups too but shame about your little green monsters.

Janice xxxx said...

beautiful pics - good pics are a piece of piss to scrap dontcha think? Can I say piece of piss???

Jo said...

Aw, she is cute! Definitely scrapping material there! I really really don't like worms of any sort - I'd have squashed the lot of them. Hope you get fruit in 2011!