Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Scrap your Day February 2009

Well, it soon came round again. After last month's astounding start to this project (see this post if you're curious), I was hoping for a fairly low-key day on February 25. Thankfully, I got it. The replacement carpet for DD's bedroom did arrive, but other than that it was a fairly uneventful day. That is, unless you count the first appearance of tree pollen, which is never a good day in my sniffy, red-eyed book.

I'm really enjoying the way my pages (and cards) are evolving as I make them at the moment. I start with the bare essentials, and the ideas are just popping in to my head. It's this aspect of crafting that really cheers me up. Liking the end product helps, but it's the process that I find most therapeutic!

What's your favourite bit, why do you craft? Is it for the end product, or just the sheer joy of making something?


SarahLP said...

Aha, that's why my eyes are so itchy and nose so sniffly at the moment! I had happily forgotten the annual torment..

Love your SYD page! I was doing SYD last year but I'm afraid it's fallen by the wayside for now..

I LOVE the process of crafting.. especially when it all comes together easily. Sometimes though, when the ideas aren't flowing, it can be quite frustrating. But the sense of achievement when I've made a page I'm happy with, is unbeatable!

Trees said...

Glad you had a less eventful 25th this month!
My best bit is a finished piece of work, can't beat the satisfaction.

Tinkersdamn said...

I had to start on steroid eyedrops and citirizine a month ago, which is ludicrous for me!
I'll bring you some good allergy meds from the US. :)

Denise said...

Love your SYD pages - why do I craft? It's my escape from the stresses of work etc and I also love the end result.x

debs14 said...

What a difference a month makes! Pleased to see this was a less catastrophic day than the last SYD!
I love the way you have made the little flowers stand out, are they from a stamp? It looks so cute, like a daisy chain.
My reasons for scrapping? I've always enjoyed craft work, and this is just a great way to make a photographic diary of events. Otherwise the pics all stay on the computer and no one ever sees them. I also love learning something new and by looking at other's work, I am learning something new every day!