Thursday, January 8, 2009

The joy of Thickers

Oh me oh my. They are delightful. And I've just spent a happy half hour browsing and purchasing at Make The Moment Last, which has a New Year Sale on at the mo. I've bought a few different sorts, some colours that I don't usually go for, just because they're cheaper than usual.
And I stuck to my resolution of "no patterned paper". Hoorah!

But now, I really want a Cuttlebug and some Nestabilities. Oh, and a desk to scrap at, and someone else to write my assignment so that I can start some of the projects that are circling my brain at the moment (I've just read the latest Scrapbook Inspirations, and have loads of ideas, but no time!).

I just keep telling myself that this time next year, I'll have lots of time to craft. How do you make time to craft? And where do you craft? Do tell!


Trees said...

I'm going to make time by going to a crop tonight, I'm a 'crop virgin' so no idea what I am letting myself in for! Will let you know!

Latharia said...

They sure are fun, aren't they?? :D

I scrap in our family room, on my own desk, set aside for such a purpose. I have to put many things away when I am done (3 cats!!), but I like to have projects in giant ziploc bags - some just hold 3 photographs & I will add papers/stickers/etc. as I find them and think "hey! This would be great for that page!".

Tinkersdamn said...

I feel spoiled. I have a dedicated room. Not my "dream craft room", but a room nonetheless. For 3 months this year it became a proper bedroom, and I was so ecstatic to have it back that it was all reshifted before my sister's plane got NEAR the US.

I craft after 8, when the short people go to bed. But I'm not trying to do a degree, either.