Wednesday, January 14, 2009

52Q - Q1 and Q2 - Who knew?

Well, the new year brings in new projects, and this one has tickled my fancy. 52Q. A year-long art journal challenge, but just one entry per week. I like the look of a weekly craft challenge, and I'm keeping this one small but sweet. ATCs.

I like these since they're dinky, can easily be completed in an hour or so, and allows me to try out new techniques/ideas without using masses of stash. Not like I haven't got masses of stash to spare, but still. I also decided that ATCs would mean I could use up some of that stash that I've been hoarding for some unknown reason. I mean, we all do it (mostly), but why? Wouldn't it look better on a page or a bit of altered art?
I also like the fact that it's focused on me. My scrapbooking tends to be about everyone else so far, so this is for me.

So here goes.

Q1 - What do I wish for this year? Q2 - Am I scared of change?


Trees said...

Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear... they look great. I had only really thought about atc's as things you gave away/collected and thought 'naah', but using them like this is brilliant. The birthday dosh is running low but I may be tempted,it would be an investment after all, using up all those scraps...

Sarah said...

Absolutely, using the scraps is a great idea. And thank you very much! I've only done 5 before, I'll have to fish them out and post them - I liked it, it was on a theme of fairytales - Jack and the Beanstalk. No-one else has ever seen them!

stephanie said...

love your cards :) and as for the pannetone, unfortunately its way too much effort for me!! but thank you¬!

Latharia said...

Your cards are super fun! Love this idea ... if I wasn't already dedicated to my 365 project and trying to come up with something for One World, One Heart, I'd consider playing along!!! :D