Tuesday, January 20, 2009

3Q of 52Q

New week, new question - Do you believe in fairies?

I always used to write a letter to the tooth fairy, and to Father Christmas (I was a very polite child :) ). And the tooth fairy ALWAYS used to write back! Father Christmas did on occasion, and bizarrely they both had the same handwriting. Must have gone to the same school :) Anyhow, I am trying to use different techniques on at least every other card: first two weeks were mostly stamping, this week I used a rub-on and some rather funky felt ribbon from Queen & Co. I am really enjoying this challenge, and have had to start ones from 2007 just to stop me from blog-stalking each Sunday!

Have you got any challenges you're enjoying this year? Or, do you believe in Fairies?


Trees said...

My personal challenge to myself was to make/complete something (anything!) every week. It seems 'do-able' and doesn't tie me to any one project where I might get discouraged if I can't keep up.

Hope to blog about the tooth fairy soon...

How are your studies going? Have you very long left?

debs14 said...

When my daughter was young, she wanted to know if the tooth fairy was real and so left a letter with questions to answer under her pillow with her lost tooth. I had to write a letter back on a tiny piece of paper, with an extremely fine pen, very fancy disguised writing, done with a magnifying glass to be 'fairy sized'. I also had to leave a little trail of fairy dust (which looked remarkably like very fine silver glitter!) and explain what we fairies did with the lost teeth. The things we do .....!

SarahLP said...

Hi Sarah,
My challenge this year is to complete a mini-book on each of my boys - like a Scrap-Your-Day but using the day of the month to match their birthdays (if you see what I mean!). I have done January for each of them, recording their habits, likes, dislikes, height, no. of teeth etc! Haven't blogged for ages but will get pictures up soon.

Oh, and my other challenge is to stay up to date with Photography course-work to avoid missing deadlines..
Best wishes!