Friday, December 12, 2008

Trees and gifts galore

Well I have a couple of pages to share - again fairly simplistic, but I like them for that. The first is about my tree last year. It's an artificial one, for eco/financial/practical reasons. I've had it for 7 years and it's still looking good! I take my time each year teasing out the "needles" to ensure it looks as real as possible, and then throw a mountain of tinsel, lights, bells, snowflakes and whatever else looks pretty at it. I would of course prefer a real one, but it's just not feasible.The second layout is about presents. Now, I LOVE giving presents. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't like getting them, but that's not the best thing about Christmas. I really enjoy choosing presents for people, and the best bit is watching their faces when they open them (I've never had a bad idea yet, so maybe that's why!). I'm especially looking forward to seeing my daughter's face this year - the first year she's been aware of what's going on! Now obviously, the wrapping paper that's on the mini-present isn't what I'm using, but I'm not good at using clashing paper in my layouts, so I've had to compromise and wrap it in some of the patterned paper I've been using in my journal. I've flipped the tag up so that you can see the journaling, but this is not a gift tag either. Hey, it's my journal and I'll cry if I want to ;)


Trees said...

These are great, hey, isn't it Amazing that we're into double figures?

Latharia said...

Just gorgeous! Love those papers & how things are at a fun angle! :D

Tinkersdamn said...

I got lucky- the cardstock that day happened to be red, so it went fine with my wrapping paper.
And THHHHPPTTT about the GH. I actually haven't been playing it as much lately... apparently I've eclipsed DH and he won't play w/ me anymore.

Sarah x said...

Wow Sarah - you're getting caught up. Love looking at your pages and how they all look different even though they are all 6x12. Scrummy colours too.