Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Finally I'm up to date!

It's been a tricky few days, I've had too much Uni stuff to be getting along with and I haven't had much time to myself. I've been keeping up with the journaling (more or less)and was determined to get some pages made. So I made one page last night, and three tonight! Got to be a personal record... though they are very simplistic out of necessity. I shall embellish further when I have more time!


Smarty said...

Looking good - I love that colour scheme.

Hope you have a bit more time for yourself now :)

Tinkersdamn said...

Augh rub it in my face why dontcha? (the lack of tape and the being caught up) LOLOL Your pages are looking great!
I'm more caught up now, only 2 days behind really. Every time I try to make a "simple page" it ends up being an engineering feat worthy of Kingdom Brunel. Last night I made a page w/a JB bingo card and some hidden journaling... and hinges, brads, needle nosed pliers, some border stickers, metal corners... yeah. I think my brain is wired backwards or something. I'll try to get the pics onto Flickr-> my blog later today. Promise.

Latharia said...

Your pages are just lovely! I am loving the recurring themed papers (something I never manage, myself!) and the jaunty angles & playful (but not childish!) feel of it all!

Sarah said...

Why thank you! I'm not a very serious peron on the whole, and had to be lighthearted this year - it being my first journal and I've not much time for deep, analytical thoughts (I'm currently in my final year at uni!). I think/hope next year I'll be able to probe my psyche a bit deeper!