Monday, July 5, 2010

What did you do last weekend?

I made this:

A real, honest-to-goodness book. With a ribbon bookmark and everything:

Totally from scratch. Well, from fabric, greyboard, paper, ribbon, thread, glue, and a few specific book-bindy bits. Including the stripey bit that protects the book when you pull it off the shelf...

Can you see it there? That's how you know it's a proper book. That, and the fact that I STITCHED the pages together, and glued them too, so that they fan out like this:

In a word, "amazing". It was the best £25 I've ever spent. 6 hours of a bookbinding course, and I can guarantee that this will be the first of many books that I make, in varying sizes, patterns, paper types and so on. And what will I do with them all, I hear you ask?

Why, line them up on shelves and look at the oh so pretty patterns on the covers.

I may even give a couple away. May.


Rachel said...

Gorgeous book. Can't wait to see some more.

Rachel B said...

It looks gorgeous!!! I look forward to seeing many more pretty books.

Darcy said...

wow, well done, thats a really impressive book.

Anonymous said...

Sarah you are an absolute legend. We don't hear from you in weeks and then you pull this little gem out of the bag.
I am mightily impressed. There is nothing quite like a new, clean-paged book. It holds such promise. And fabric covered too? With ribbon?


Hope you are feeling well with all this heat. Any house news yet? Thinking of your growing family xx

Anonymous said...

Wow.. I am SO impressed! Is there no end to your talents? Your very own book, it's brilliant! Looking forward to seeing more too. :o)

Kirsty said...

Holy cow, that's gorgeous! Am super-impressed and inspired, clever lady. :)