Saturday, July 17, 2010

Let them eat cake!

Well, cupcakes, to be precise. It's fast approaching the day where I sweat and toil to make my darling daughter's 3rd birthday most memorable. It's also the first birthday party I have ever organised. It may only be 6 toddlers and their respective parents (hopefully just one half of the full set), but I am a bit concerned.

So I've been practicing. DD has requested cupcakes. And I've never made them before. Plenty of muffins, pies, quiches, cakes, blah de blah, but never cupcakes. And seeing as the only bit she ever eats is the icing, then I need to get that right! So here is our joint effort:

I thought I'd get the guests to decorate their own cupcakes with sprinkles etc. This might give the 3 boys a chance to escape the pink-fest that the party shows signs of becoming. I swear I have been as non-girly, colour-neutral as I am myself with DD, but she still professes that pink is her favourite colour. I blame society. And Peppa Pig.

And the taste test?

Believe it or not, that's a happy grin. She just had a mouthful of the icing and didn't want to swallow it too quickly!

But my favourite one is this (perhaps because it looks most like pictures of other ones I've seen):

The close-up shows that the cheese/butter icing thing has curdled a little, not sure what I did wrong. It did taste lovely though. But I'd like to get it smoother, so any tips would be gratefully received.

What did you get up to today? Do tell ;)


Julie Kirk said...

They look lovely :)

Today I went to a Mela in a local park and ate a chick-pea curry in the open-air. It was quite hot and my eyes watered.

Your icing looks more 'mouth watering' - which is a more favourable option!

Good luck with the party planning :D

Rachel said...

The cakes look great. I have my son's 3rd birthday next month, however I'm cheating and we're going to a play place, where they do all the organising and I can drink coffee.

Anonymous said...

I think they look fantastic!

Good luck with the party, we've done a few ourselves but rely on that nice Mr Sainsbury for supplies ;)

BTW your little helper is simply gorgeous, isn't she growing big?

Anonymous said...

My friend owns a cupcake business and I know she chills the icing before piping, but not sure about the curdling, I think all you need to do is continue beating it until it looks smooth.

Yesterday we worked on the kitchen (looking good) and today we are off to London.

Sophie said...

curdled icing or not, they look ever so posh! What about adding gel food colouring to the cake batter - ever so exciting to have a bright coloured cake underneath all that icing! and woohoo, who cares about e numbers!! :)

Anonymous said...

Adorable photos, your little girl is such a cutie! And your cupcakes look scrumptious too.

Hmmm, last Sat we were slumming it at Pontins.. this weekend we'll be firmly at home!

Sian said...

Peppa Pig has a lot to answer for..

But they look fantastic! Today I am just back from holiday and doing a bit of catching up.