Monday, May 10, 2010

Late to the party

Ok, so get all the usual comments about how long it's been out of the way. It's been a long and tiring 3 months, more will be explained over the weekend. However, for those of you who spotted the references to the stay at the Hilton on my tweet feed a few weeks ago this photo shows you just how glam it was:

I was teaching my wonderful friend H how to crochet. And very therapeutic it was too. We did do glam things like bask in the pool, and nibble lovely things in the Executive Lounge, but we mostly caught up on each other's lives, since we haven't seen each other in nearly 2 and a half years. So I haven't been totally lazy, honest!

But mostly, I thought I'd get this quickie post in before the next one, just to let you know about the blog inspiration party over at Copy & Paste last weekend. I haven't had a chance to fully explore all the guest posts, but I can tell you there is some seriously amazing talent over there. Go see!

One of the party posts that has stirred my blogging bone is the "confessional" type list. If you're a reader of my blog, you'll have already seen the previous two layouts I've done on confessionals here, but I thought I'd answer the well-thought out questions.

  1. Everyone knows that I .am a crafter.. , but you'd never guess that ...I am actually a scientist too.
  2. I'm proud to admit that I like ....keeping busy... but my guilty pleasure is .... just sitting still, reading
  3. I'm inspired by ...nature.....and it surprises me when ..I realise just how much!
  4. I'm always ..wanting to learn new things.. but I'm never ..totally satisfied..
  5. I've got lots of ..crafting stuff... but I've always wanted .....more crafting stuff :).......
  6. I tried to ...stop buying more stuff on the internet.. and it ..has mostly worked so far....
  7. If I never .. learn to make patchwork quilts.. it will be own fault....
  8. I didn't ...cut out cakes after I had my daughter.. and now ....I wish I had!
  9. It's not that I ..don't like going out with people but I'd really rather ..stay at home with my family..
  10. Doing .things with yarn. makes me ..relax...
  11. Someone once told me ..every cloud has a silver lining..and then ...I kept looking for them 'til I found them.
  12. I'm happy to say that ..I enjoy "meeting" new friends on-line.. and even .. if I don't comment all the time, I'm still reading and appreciating the sharing of lives....
Please let me know if you blog your confessions, I'm a nosy beggar!


Anonymous said...

The Hilton dahling? Sounds divine.
Of course what the photo does not show is the champers and sweet trolley just out of shot and the scantily clad gentlemen fanning you both with oversized palm leaves (the real reason for the cosy blankets).

Been there, done that.

debs14 said...

Ah, so you haven't left the country then ;-)
Good to have you back!

Julie Kirk said...

That's the good thing about online parties - even if you're late it's still all there [that, plus the fact that I could sit in my pyjamas writing the last few posts!]

Thanks for joining in - reading, cake and spending time alone / with family have definitely been recurring themes amongst those wh joined in. :)

Thanks for playing this time - and for all your support of C+P this year.

Julie x

Sian said...

Yup, I blogged mine! Great list (I'm pretty nosy myself)