Saturday, August 1, 2009

A secret mission from the no-stress scrapper

So, there I was, browsing my email the other day when I got a request from Shimelle Laine. She was wanting to host an inspiration party on her blog this weekend, and was looking for some contributions. I was very honoured to be asked to contribute, and I was sent an assignment forthwith. Be warned if you've come here from my photos are in no way as arty and beautiful as all the other party-ers, though I am working on it :)

I tried printing out the cupcakes and one of the quotes on shrink plastic, but the only stuff I had was clear - the ink on the cupcakes was taking AGES to dry, and I'm really not that patient!

Shrinking them resulted in a bit of a messy mini-cupcake fob, which, though still useable (only just - see keyring) was not what I wanted. So I traced the original cupcake onto the plastic, dabbed white opaque StazOn over the back, and then coloured the front in with my alcohol markers.

These shrunk really nicely, so I threaded them onto a ball-chain and used this to hold my second project together. This project (a minibook) involved lots of copies of a journaling tag printed out onto cream card: I then cut then out and punched a hole in the top left corner. Easy peasy. I'm going to pick out a selection of my favourite indulgent recipes, and write them in the minibook, probably with a photo on the left-hand page.

The cover of the minibook has a cut-out chocolate cupcake stuck on it and a shrink-plastic "indulge" title, also found on the printables sheet.

So, onto the card. Cupcakes, and lots of them, deserve to be presented nicely, and so I cut a cake stand out of some white card, keeping it simple, drew a brown rim on the plates, chose some co-ordinating paper, glued it all down, added the "indulge" title and voila! One tasty-looking card.

Then finally to the easiest project of the lot. This photo:

I enlarged the printables file (opened in Adobe Photoshop Elements, not in Adobe Acrobat), and copied the cupcake quote that I wanted. This was then placed on a new layer of the photo, printed out to A4 and framed. Job's a good 'un!

It's been so useful to have this challenge, it's given me loads of ideas for future projects, but alas, there was only so much time to spend crafting this week. Mind you, I think that 4 projects in about 6 hours is pretty good. So, cruise on by Shimelle's blog this weekend, take a look at all the other blogs that she's linking to. Who knows what you might find? And if you can't make that, maybe I'll see you in the classroom for Go To Press!


Trees said...

Lovely Sarah, you busy bee!

planetcoco said...

Such prettiness! Love, love, love your cupcake card, and am also really inspired by the 'indulge' detail on the front of your mini-book - the fact that the shrink plastic isn't quite flat makes it look like vintage glass. Hmmm....ideas, ideas!


Tinkersdamn said...

I think it took me 6 hours just to decide what to put on my last LO! Awesome stuff, wish I was joining you for GtP!

debs14 said...

Very impressive! Looking forward to seeing the layouts you come up with for the whole project.
Love the cupcake card!

Jo said...

Hey Sarah - you did good on Shimelle's party! My printer was too crappy for the job, so unfortunately I had to pull out. I've left you a little challenge over on my blog, come see ;-)

Playing with Dandelions said...

This is soooo cute! I totally love it. :) The cupcakes are adorable!