Saturday, August 8, 2009

Another couple of pages and an imminent giveaway!

Who would've believed it, but my little old blog is nearing its 2000th visitor. I'm so pleased that so many people have passed through that I feel the urge to host a little giveaway. Again. Soooo... watch this space, next weekend I shall do just that, giving me a few more days to cobble together something tasty to pass on.

Meanwhile, I have scraped another couple of hours together today, and have managed to finish another two pages for the Simple Pleasures album:

Not the best pics, they look all flat, and there's definitely a bit more dimension to them. I'll try to take some more photos tomorrow if I get a chance. I'm liking this simplistic approach at the moment, glue and run seems to be the order of the day.

Remember, watch this space for my giveaway next weekend, and in the meantime, tell me what else YOU do for fun (keep it clean ;) )


Tinkersdamn said...

Izzy's getting so big!
What I do for fun... hmm. Lately it's been whomping my sister at Word Twist and playing "My Zoo" on FB with James.

Janice xxxx said...

hey, glue and run works for me lol. Nice looking pages mate!

Julia Dunnit said...

Great Los, love them..your handwriting is fab. Very jealous!

Anonymous said...

Lovely LOs, Sarah, and great projects for Shimelle's Go to Press. How is that going by the way? I didn't sign up as I was on hols last week but all the weekend party projects looked amazing.

debs14 said...

OK, I've done my challenge ....!