Thursday, May 16, 2013

101 different uses for washi tape - number 1...

... to hold down your stamping mask in a secure yet easily-removable-without-ripping-the-card manner.

If you haven't seen masks before, they're a way of keeping a clear area on your stamp design, say, for a sentiment like the above one will be. You can also use them to protect areas that have been previously stamped if you want to build up more stamped images. I'll show both of these in my next post!

And the above image? It shows a few of my latest Stampin' Up purchases. Washi tape and Serene Silhouettes stamps. Check back tomorrow for my latest project with my new love - the This and That rotary stamp:

This is going to get used so much - I have a regular date stamp from Staples, but this has phrases as an added extra. I reckon you could easily use the phrases alone, so am going to have a little experiment!

See you tomorrow, but if not, have a fantastic weekend!


debs14 said...

Oh, I do like the look of that date stamp! Looking forward to the next instalment.

Julie Kirk said...

How funny ... I'm sitting at my work desk right now working on a 'masking' magazine article + I've used washi tape too! Spooky ...

Do we have to hold you to completing 100 posts? ;-)

Sarah said...

Debs - it might be another day or so later than anticipated. It's been a manic day! The stamp is great, loads of different options... just keep watching :)

Julie - I'm definitely going to try my best. I've got numbers 2 and 3 ready. Who nows? I might even go over #wishfulthinking