Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This and That - the Wedding Planner

Helloo! How are you, on this fine spring morning? Oh, is it raining where you are? I'm sorry. Here, have some of my sunshine, I expect it won't last long!

A couple of posts ago, I mentioned that I was going to be using This and That for keeping all the bits and bobs that I'm bound to collect when planning my forthcoming wedding. I have never daydreamed about a dress, or who I'd invite, or where I wanted to get married, namely because I come from a family with a lot of divorce, and I could never envision finding someone who I would actually want to spend the rest of my life with!

Then I met Al (or re-met him, as we used to know each other when we were teenagers), and to cut a long story short, got together, spent 4 happy years together, then had two children and spent the next six years walking around in a sleep-deprived, skint state!

Anyway. Back to the This and That. I always get a bit intimidated when I see a whole load of pretty paper. I never want to cut it up. But one of the things I love about the Stampin' Up range is that they are all double sided,and you get two sheets of each pattern in the set. So, to get over the fear, I immediately separated out one of each of the sheets and cut them into two 4x6 and two 8x6 sheets. The other whole sheets are being kept in case I want to make 12x12 scrapbook layouts with them.

The 4x6s went in the little pocket at the back of the journal with the sticker sheets, ready for punching, stamping or tearing. The other sheets just got put in the back.


I then stuck my rough of the save the date card in, with some of the co-ordinating washi tape and one of the stickers. Then out came my trusty bitty butterfly punch, just to pretty it up.

The letter stamps I used for the journalling are the best buy I have ever had. They were in a bargain bin at a local craft shop, and I swear I've used them more than any other stamp set I've had.

I then used the ledger paper to record our guest list. It's very small, because if we wait 'til we can afford to invite everyone, then we will NEVER get married. So we're planning on having a big party next year for the rest of the people. Perhaps I will need another TaT book for then!

I was a little concerned that with the slightly thicker embellishments I was using (the bead on the butterflies and the pearl accents on the flowers) that the journal would be too bulky. But as can be seen from the side view, there is plenty of room to expand with the generous spiral binding!

I'm still waiting on those tips for a smooth, hassle-free wedding ;) Do tell...

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