Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Five things...

Image from:

...that I spend most of my time doing (when I'm not doing childcare/housecare) right now:

1 My Kindle
2 Crochet
3 Dreaming about and planning for our future house extension which will allow me to do something about #4 and #5
4 Longing to make my own clothes
5 Buying fabric and obsessing about quilts

What's floating your boat at the moment?


Heather said...

I love that heart image sarah :)
Im actually more than tired tonight so Im just hoping for a restful sleep :))

debs14 said...

I just got a Kindle too and already I can see it's going to be my favourite thing to take on holiday! Good luck with getting 3 so you can do 4 and 5.

Rachel B said...

That is a beautiful image. Right now I am knitting - a lot! It seems to have taken over from scrapbooking, but only temporary :)