Monday, September 28, 2009

A hiatus.

Dear fellow bloggers, I write to you in a spare moment before I launch headlong into the final 11 weeks of my degree. I may well be panicking, but I assure you I'm hiding it well (the above photo isn't me going bonkers). I've therefore made the decision to suspend "normal" service until nearer Christmas, and am also considering redesigning the blog completely, now that I (sort of) know what I'm doing.

I'll be lurking on your pages, and soaking up the crafting inspiration for the time when my time is my own once again. Thanks for playing along with me the last seven months!

So, please remember me in the new year, and if you can spare a thought (and believe in that sort of thing) please send one my way for good luck :)



Anonymous said...

Good luck Sarah!
Look forward to hearing from you again after this 11 week hiatus!

Sophie said...

Happy break, happy studying, happy designing.

Trees said...

Missing you loads online but know you're working hard and we'll all be waiting for you when you get back. xx

debs14 said...

You do realise we will be expecting daily blog posts when you return to make up for all this time 'off' ;-)
Good luck for the last bit of your course - See you soon-ish

Julia Dunnit said...

Good luck, and lots of caffeine to ya.

Eleanor said...

Scary faces back at you Sarah, along with loads of love and luck and looking forward to the future.

Jo said...

Good luck Sarah! All the best for the final slog, you'll do fine!
PS Tilly packed her bags and went north today ;-)

Janice xxxx said...

Oh, all the very best Sarah - will be sorry to not 'see' you for a while - I enjoy your sideways slant on life - think you have the same slant as me lol. Look out for you after Noel!

iris said...

Sarah you are hilarious!! I laughed at your comment in my blog about cutting the chipboard in two! Hey you are no newbie... well at least your work does not look it! Good luck in your exams!!