Saturday, May 9, 2009

Get that citrus zing in your craftspace!

Well, inspired by the clean-up giveaway at Shimelle's blog/Twitter, I've had a tidy up myself and have decided to be ruthless. Here I have, for free, two sets of stash each comprising of a 12x12 album, a pack of citrus HOTP 12x12 paper, half the pack of citrus flowers, half the pack of brads, and half the pack of citrus monograms. They're part of my prize for winning BOB2008, and I've been keeping them in the hope that I'd learn to love bright colours. I have come to accept that they're just not me! So, the first two UK people to comment below will get a little stash boost (has to be UK, cause they're so darned heavy, sorry).Whatcha waiting for? Go comment!


Janice xxxx said...

zing zing!!! white space layouts beckon....bring it on baby!!

Virginia said...


Oooh citrus colours I love them, currently laid up with a bad back - can I have some please love the flowers and an album - I promise to give them a good home! LOL


Sarah said...

Thanks ladies!

Katy said...

owwww yumm, so lush, i have the flu so am in bed to :(

great giveaway Katy xx

Virginia said...

Hi Sarah -

You'll be pleased to know it's arrived - the papers are gorgeous and lend themselves to the double page layouts that I'm currently playing with. The monograms must have been a complete pain to cut up though LOL - Thanks so much I promise to let you see what I make with the bundle

Virginia said...

Hi Sarah

Finally uploaded my first 'citrus' page on my blog the page proved difficult initially but then after a while it came together and I'm really pleased with the page! Thank you once again for the stash!