Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ooh my very first crop!

Well folks, I had a thoroughly good time last night - me and my friend Paula had our very first crop! I used to work with Paula back in the day, and lost touch when I moved jobs, but we reconnected last year after we'd both had children. Not only did we have this in common, but she also did scrapbooking - the joy of finding someone else who shared my love of paper and glue!

So, after a few months of just talking about it, we decided we'd get together and actually scrap side by side, a mini-crop all of our own. There are no crops that I know of in our area (Sheffield/Chesterfield), but if anyone else knows different, please let us know.

We chose a layout designed by Natalia Harandon in a recent issue of Scrapbook Inspirations (page 40 issue 52 if you're interested) as our inspiration, and arranged a night away from the respective squealers.

After spotting this post about the men's testicular cancer charity Orchid on It's a Creative World, I thought I'd scrap my man. He's a great fan of dressing up, and delights in growing a beard for the purpose of shaving it into various shapes. I chose the best photos, converted them to black and white, and kept the main (tastiest) photo in colour.

Paula also scrapped fabulous photos of her eldest boy at 18 months old, already as tall as his dad's lawnmower - eek! I love the colours she's used - even though they're exactly the sort that I gave away in my last post!

We plan to have another in a few weeks, and will probably do a similar thing. What do you do when you go to a crop? Take your own individual project, or have a joint inspiration piece or topic? Do tell ;)


Trees said...

How great! I have only done the one crop and took my own project, would like to get to another but my diary always seems to work against me!!
I wonder if you'll find other people wanting to join you? You may be at the start of something big!

debs14 said...

There's a crop day once a month near me and I have been to 3 now. Must admit I follow the instructions to the letter, not confident enough to improvise yet! Always come home inspired and keen to do more and I have learnt a lot and it's a great chance to play with bits and pieces of equipment that I've heard of but never sure if I would use. Can be an expensive day out :-)
BTW didn't realise where you were from. My son is at Sheffield uni, and my daughter went to Hallam for 3 years and flat shared with someone from Chesterfield. It's a small world!

Eleanor said...

What a gorgeous chap, and so beautifully showcased. Thank you for joining in. Have you sent it over for our gallery?
Re the bees - it won't be too late - whilst there are flowers therefore nectar and pollen available, they will still nest, so plenty of time. I believe the eggs hatch and munch and linger in there till spring.
If I went to crops (I don't) I would take prepared polybags of gear for doing my own thing, but always open to inspiration.

Janice xxxx said...

love the pics on both these layouts. Layouts are such a breezy joy when you have good pics to start with... anyhoo, have used some of your citrus stash!! check out my bloggio for a look - ta very much again!

Anne said...

Love those layouts - if you look through my albums, then the men in my life are sadly lacking. Perhaps I should make an effort to scrap my OH more often!

Anne said...

Love those layouts - if you look through my albums, then the men in my life are sadly lacking. Perhaps I should make an effort to scrap my OH more often!