Thursday, November 27, 2008

Want to bring back the Christmas you used to know?

Remember that feeling of excitement that you used to get in the build-up to Christmas, when you were a kid? Well, this is what I'm doing for the whole of next month - bringing back that feeling. Journalling My Christmas. It's a scrapbook/art journal class over at (my fave site), and I'm so excited. Come join me and people from all over the world, and start to enjoy Christmas again :) The bonus is, once you're signed up, you get to participate every year if you like, for no extra cost. What's not to like?


Latharia said...

What's not to like, indeed? :) I love this class! :D

Rachel4steve1999 said...

I am sooooo Excited to start this!!!!!! Come on the 1st!!!!!!!

Sandie said...

It sounds like a great project, I wish I had time to commit!

Smarty said...

Rrrrrrrrrrr! Can you hear loins being girded over here? 2 more days to go!!!

Gez said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. xx

Have a fab time creating your Christmas Journal. I can't wait for Monday either!

Wishing you a lovely weekend. Gez. :o)