Friday, November 21, 2008

Deprived of stash.

Well, Shimelle's kits for her Journal Your Christmas class have gone live, and they're GORGEOUS! I really fancied this one, but unfortunately my dishwasher has gone kaput. Will not fix with percussive maintenance, and my SO will be taking off the front panel within the hour, so we'll definitely need another one. Gutted.

The "love elsie" stuff in the kit is lovely. And I could always use it next year.

Oh, I could just put it on my CC. Shhh don't tell anyone :)

Sucker. I know I'm not the only one who gets sucked into these things.

Anyone want to buy a brand new Canon Selphy ES20 Photo Printer? Seriously.
Unused, still boxed, with 1 pack of 50 colour photo paper/ink thingies. RRP £150. £100 including postage, UK only :)

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Sarah said...

Hi Sarah. I totally love the elsie xmas stuff. I missed out on it too, but that was because I was too slow. Oh well, we'll have to make a dent in our stash instead. Can't wait till the 1st :)