Sunday, October 5, 2008


It is so hard to resist the crafting urge. I see all my lovely supplies and know I've got a couple of archived classes on my computer that I'm dying to get cracking on. Instead I have to make do with planning it all in my head when I get free moments.

I see pictures of people's craft rooms/spaces and really wish we lived in a bigger house. Our spare room is now my little daughter's bedroom (and I wouldn't change it for the world). All my stash is separated into boxes. One for paper, one for embellishments, one for tools, etc... I would love to have a dedicated workspace - I could get my sewing machine out and try the stitching that I keep seeing everywhere.

How do you cope with your lack of space? Hints and tips please :)


Ladkyis said...

I had some space but now it is limited to the dining table and everything has to be dragged out and then put away again. Somedays I just can't be bothered. I also now have my 3 year old granddaughter living here so I can't get the stuff out until she has gone to bed and by that time I don't feel like it. It is difficult but it will get easier, it has to!

Trees said...

My stuff is all hidden in various boxes on shelves and in drawers, thankfully all in one area. I am slowly getting into the habit of putting everything I might need for the projects I have on the go into a box that I move around the house/ take to grandmas etc. My paper cutter and a bag with pens and tools balance precariously on top and I get them out when I get a chance. I was finding the thought of hunting stuff down and pulling everything out was putting me off starting anything! So far the new plan is working!
I 'found' you on Shimelle's forum, I'm trying the christmas journal for the first time. Yikes.