Saturday, January 9, 2010

Another "thing"

I'm hoping that I'm not alone in this, but I love learning. And I'm always up for learning new crafts. My latest thing is crochet; I had an old needlecraft book and some really useful videos from mikeyssmail on Youtube. With these tools in hand I picked it up quite quickly, though I'm already a knitter. After a few practice granny squares in dishcloth cotton, I got cracking with some remnant wool from my baby clothes projects.

And here is the work in progress. I am in the process of sewing the 48 squares together; I tried to crochet them, but it was too fiddly for my liking, so I "cheated". I'm hoping to finish it this weekend, so will post finished pics then.

I am enjoying this new craft so much that I've inadvertently spent my Christmas money on some really funky yarn for an entire bedspread. I think I've lost my mind. Though really, with these colours, could you resist?

Glorious aren't they? Once I start on the squares, I'll post some pictures. There are something like 24 different square combinations with the main colours being leaf, teal, purple and chocolate. I'm going to make all the outer rows silver, to pull them all together, and hopefully make your eyes go kerazy :) If it looks half as fab in real life as it does in my imagination, I'll be very pleased.

What other crafts do you do? And which is your current favourite? Do tell ;)


Anonymous said...

Those colours are gorgeous, very interested to see what you do, you may inspire me to have another crack!

Sam x

debs14 said...

I learnt crochet purely by accident. "How could that happen?" I hear you ask. My friend Linday and I wanted to learn lacemaking but that class was full and so we were encouraged to join crochet class instead on the basis they were very similar! They couldn't be more different. So in the term we were waiting to join lacemaking (which is such a lovely craft, give it a go!) we did crochet classes. I am going to email your blog details to my friend Denise as she has just dusted down her crochet hooks again!
I used to make all my own clothes (where did I find the time?) then went onto knitting, which I am tempted to pick up again, then learnt crochet, then lacemaking which is by far the hardest and the slowest, but how beautiful is the end result?
Looking forward to seeing the growing of the bedspread!

Trees said...

The colours are absolutely gorgeous! My Mum used to be crochet crazy. In the 80's she made (and sold) lovely doilies and peter pan collars with a little button that you wore over a jumper :) Best creation by far though was in the 70's when she crocheted my bikini!!!!
I sometimes dabble in jewellery making and one day I would like to enjoy cooking.

Denise said...

I love Crocheting- I used to do loads when I was younger and am looking forward to seeing your finished result x

the green gal said...

What beautiful colours, can't wait to see how they look when you get going. I found learning to crochet a granny square harder than I thought but then the satisfaction when I completed one was greater too! I've tried so many new things recently, I love how it opens new worlds to you that you weren't aware of before.
Here's to new experiences and knowledge, and friends!

Anonymous said...

thanks again for that link...cant wait to try this now Ive seen your wonderful project - and the wool youve bought are truly gorgeous...cant wait to see that finished project!

Tinkertaylor said...

Beautiful colours can't wait to see your bedcover. I "learnt" to crochet when I was I child but all I could manage was one very rounded square!!!!

Sophie said...

Love those colours Sarah! Love crochet too - its so easy and goes so quickly!!

Kirsty said...

OK, so you weren't exaggerating about the beautiful colours - so, so gorgeous, and can't wait to see how the bedspread comes together.

Crocheting has, too (I know - puns, for shame - but it's irresistible). It's been a while since i've learned something that's entirely new to me (i.e. not based on, or similar to, existing skills), and it's hugely satisfying. I used to love visiting the wool shop with my grandma when I was little - I think it was probably the wooden cubby shelves with balls of yarn arranged by colour that had me smitten - and am so happy to finally have an excuse to buy wool myself. If only that sweet little wool shop, and its 1980s prices, were still around!